Mike Buchanan’s introductory video to this initiative is here (8:23).

Welcome to this initiative, which is for men who have problems with alcohol and wish to stop (or reduce) their alcohol consumption. They are warmly welcomed to the men-only meetings Mike hosts for Regarding Men, starting at 14:00 BST (or GMT, as relevant) every Sunday.

This initiative is the creation of Mike Buchanan (1957-), a British anti-feminist men’s rights activist, author and publisher. He was the founder and remains the leader (2013-) of the political party Justice for Men & Boys (and the women who love them). His Wikipedia page is here. It was created by “The Vintage Feminist”, so take what you read with a pinch of salt.

Mike successfully gave up alcohol in 2021, after many failed attempts during his 40+ years of being a regular and sometimes excessive drinker.

Mike offers 1:1 counselling (via Zoom video meetings) to men who wish to reduce their drinking or abstain altogether. He can be contacted at mike@j4mb.org.uk.

Mike is convinced that most men who have a problem with alcohol and wish to stop or reduce their consumption can do so. His conviction is based upon understanding three issues:

  • Alcohol is an attractively-packaged poison. None of the alleged “benefits” of drinking alcohol (e.g. stress reduction) are worth the costs imposed by alcohol, and the problems seemingly resolved by alcohol are often created by alcohol itself. An example – for “evening drinkers”, mild discomfort / stress is typically induced around 24 hours after the consumption of the first drink of the previous day.
  • Alcohol dependency isn’t a disease. Most drinkers are perfectly capable of abstaining from alcohol, if they genuinely wish to, and are prepared to take full personal responsibility for doing so. Men are good at taking personal responsibility when they recognize a worthwhile goal.
  • For most people wishing to give up alcohol, willpower is hopelessly inadequate. It’s a function of the conscious mind, which is feeble compared with the sub-conscious mind, where the problem with alcohol dependency resides.

Giving up alcohol leads inevitably to drinkers becoming happier, healthier and wealthier. This enables former drinkers to desire and envision a better future, an alcohol-free future.

You might find it helpful to record your progress over time, to provide you with tangible evidence of your improved happiness, health and wealth. So we’ve created a diary (click to download) for you to record your thoughts at the end of each day, or the morning after. In the unlikley event that you suffer relapses, it may help you better understand what your “triggers” are, so you can develop better coping strategies.

Everyone who gives up alcohol will save money by doing so. Most people will also experience health benefits including weight loss and lower blood pressure. You can monitor your progress in these three areas with this spreadsheet (click to download).

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Limited Liability

Drinkers with a physical dependency on alcohol are strongly urged to seek the advice of their doctor before reducing or stopping consumption.  For such drinkers, the consequences of reducing or stopping drinking alcohol without professional medical support can be damaging and potentially fatal.

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