Craig Beck – The Stop Drinking Expert

In common with many drinkers, I decided many times to give up drinking alcohol, but I always slipped back into the habit, blaming my lack of willpower. What if there were a way to give up alcohol without using willpower? Well, there is, and from personal experience I can recommend it highly, having given up alcohol after being a regular and sometimes excessive drinker for 40+ years (I’m 63).

Craig Beck is an engaging and inspiring Englishman, the “Stop Drinking Expert”. On his YouTube channel there are 12 playlists witrh 500+ videos.

Limited Liability

Drinkers with a physical dependency on alcohol are strongly urged to seek the advice of their doctor before reducing or stopping consumption.  For such drinkers, the consequences of reducing or stopping drinking alcohol without professional medical support can be damaging and potentially fatal.

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